Jimi Hendrix on Gold Gallery Painting by Alan Drummond

Gallery Painting Examples

Jimi Hendrix on Gold is an experimental painting of Jimi on reclaimed wood with acrylics. This painting did not turn out the way I expected. Originally I thought about painting it in an Australian Aboriginal style. However, it didn’t really work out. In some of the close up shots you can see the older version underneath. I have not given up on trying the Aboriginal style and once I have something I am please with, I will share it.

“Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.”

Jimi Hendrix


  • Size: 24′(w) X 24′(h) X 1/2′(d) – 610mm X 610mm X 30mm
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: High quality acrylic paints on a reclaimed wood

Vector Vs Painting

Hendrix On Gold, Vector V Painting by Alan Drummond

Like a number of my paintings I have recreated it in a vector format… sometimes you can’t take the graphic designer out of the painter!

Disclaimer: This piece is hand-painted on reclaimed wood / recycled materials, complete with a protective varnish and ready to hang. Intentional vintage wearing and blemishes are unique for each individual item and will not necessarily appear EXACTLY as it is in the picture. Alan C Drummond is a Scottish Graphic Artist based in Virginia, USA.